EMMA is the emergency management mobile application that puts today's advanced technology at your fingertips.

Many of today’s emergency management systems are fragmented solutions — cobbling together pieces of outdated technology with antiquated processes. Instead of providing life-saving assistance fragmentation obstructs and delays the exchange of critical information from the onset of an event to the resolution of the crisis. This is where EMMA is different. 

Critical Features

Instantly Report an Emergency and the GPS Location

EMMA’s easy-to-use desktop and mobile interface allows users to instantly report an emergency situation and its GPS location. The GPS feature is automatic meaning the user doesn't have to scramble to find an address. 911 can also be alerted directly within EMMA and users have access to the nearest location of life-saving assets such as fire extinguishers, AEDs, or stop the bleed kits.

Push Notifications

EMMA’s patented push notification technology Push notifications are delivered as first priority through Apple and Google networks — ensuring messages get through even during high-volume data or internet use time periods. Users and groups receive an instant push notification alerting them of the present emergency and what to do. EMMA notifications are customizable with options to send via SMS and emails as well.

View Emergency Details on the Dashboard

EMMA administrators have the ability to immediately view details on the type of emergency, its location, the user who initiated the event, if 911 was called, and if multiple/similar reports are coming in. Administrators can then broadcast the emergency to pre-formatted groups of users within seconds even from a mobile device.

Two-Way Communication

When a user receives a notification, they can click on it to reveal the details of the emergency, respond (if permission is set by the administrator), and take informed actions. Responses will share the user’s GPS location and improve the administrators’ ability to monitor the situation immediately even from afar with frontline perspectives.

Automated Response Triage

Unique to EMMA is the ability to monitor user responses. Responses are color-coded to allow administrators to quickly identify the users who have viewed the alerts and their user status or threat level. The ability to observe a consolidated chronological color-coded message center will help improve the messages that are broadcast throughout the emergency and ensures that administrators make informed decisions quickly through EMMA's triage automation.

Mapping Functionality

EMMA’s mapping functionality provides a real-time visual representation of the emergency. It automatically displays the exact location of the situation onto a map with the building's floorplan overlay as well as the users in proximity to the event you're monitoring. The status of each user is displayed in the color of their corresponding threat level this will help administrators identify the hotspots or clear zones within the emergency to reduce confusion and misdirected response efforts.

Customizable Library

EMMA administrators and approved groups of users have access to a customizable library of critical information and, at a minimum, includes floor plans, pre-approved messages, checklists and evacuation maps. This resource portal puts key information and documents in the hands of public safety personnel, 911 officials and key incident commanders that are arriving to assist with the emergency situation —saving valuable minutes that are critical to life-saving efforts.

Reliable Reporting

EMMA records and time stamps all communication during real-time emergency use or the emergency drill usage. Following the incident or drill, the data collected can be reported and analyzed to enhance response procedures in the event of future emergencies. Even during drills this data archives allowing for best practice continual quality improvement and EMMA use during drills ensures better real-time use during actual threats or events.