An executable emergency management plan demonstrates commitment of a company’s leadership to protect their workforce and facilitates compliance with regulatory safety requirements.

Emergency preparedness planning for organizations is more than just checklists and fire drills. A well-documented and actionable plan, gives the best assurance of successful outcomes for your company and your employees amidst a crisis.

Having a solid emergency plan strengthens a business’ ability to rapidly recover from financial losses, damages to inventory or equipment and business interruption in the event of a disaster. However, it also ensures the safety of employees and may even assist in diminishing liability costs. 

Learn How EMMA Works for Business

Violence in the Workplace

Active Shooter Incidents

The FBI identified 277 active shooter incidents involving 282 shooters in the U.S. that occurred between 2000 and 2018.

13% of these incidents occurred in business locations closed to pedestrian traffic — that is, private properties primarily functioning in commerce without daily pedestrian traffic.

Are You Prepared for an Active Shooter?

Is your company prepared for the threat of a disgruntled ex-employee? What if an active shooter enters your place of business? How will the threat be identified and communicated? How will you provide ongoing mass communication during the event, notifying 911 and alerting your employees about the threat? The fastest course way to initiate an emergency management plan in this situation is empowering employees with EMMA to “See something. Say something.” With EMMA, your business will be ready to notify, respond and communicate.

Here’s how this would work with EMMA:

Employee opens the EMMA App on their mobile phone or desktop computer.

Employee pushes the “See Something. Say Something,” button to alert internal security and then proceeds to call 911 directly from the app. EMMA provides the employee with their GPS coordinates so they can give 911 dispatch an accurate location of the event.

The company’s security team can immediately send out an alert to everyone or filter the alert and send a broadcast message to necessary admins and users. They can also respond back to the employee that submitted the event with instructions. 

Emergency personnel are informed prior to arrival and have access to vital resources (i.e. a map of the building) via mobile devices — allowing them to secure the area and attend to the injured quickly.

The administrator keeps the event open (manages the event) — continuing communications with groups and users — improving transparency. Once the event is over, the administrator closes the event for it to be archived.

The reports within EMMA provide the critical information needed to make continued quality improvements to emergency management plans, documentation and procedures.


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